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It   is   essential  to be equipped with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)  when dealing with hazardous  materials. Coveralls are a one-piece, loose-fitting,   suit that  offer  protection against outside contaminants over a  large area of the body. Coveralls are essentially a full body protection suit, generally worn over the top of personal clothing, and can protect workers against a number of hazards, including hazards  of a chemical, mechanical, thermal or biological nature.Coveralls      can be  made  from numerous materials, offering differing resistance   to  many workplace hazards. Coveralls protect the body from the  ankles  to  the wrists and disposable coveralls feature hoods to protect the head. Coveralls are required across a range of varied industries such  as  agriculture, petrochemical, food, mechanical,emergency   response and  other labour intensive industries
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·Coveralls are tested according to EN 14126, the standard which determines the performance requirements of protective clothing against infective agents.

Dependent on their performance under these testing conditions, suits are classified into Types, ranging from one to six.

The different Types of coveralls are: Coveralls with Multiple Types: Coveralls may also be approved for more than one Type. Multiple Type numbers mean the coverall is a suitable form of protection against a variety of hazards and has met the criteria across multiple tests.

For instance, coveralls that are rated as Type 5/6 have passed the testing criteria for both Type 5 coveralls and Type 6 coveralls. This means they offer protection against all the hazards both coveralls protect against. Type 5/6 coveralls are usually used by asbestos removalists but can also be used by workers in the wood and plastic processing industries and general manufacturing and maintenance. The same applies to Type 3/4 coveralls. They protect against hazards from both Type 3 and Type 4 coveralls. Type 3/4 coveralls can be used for chemical protection and oil spill clean ups.