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Disposable, Medical Protective Attire.

All of the products are made using cutting-edge, world class machinery that complies with international standards thorough quality control. The products are manufactured in a cleanroom facility of ETO sterilization. The items are designed to meet the demands of medical professionals who work in hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceuticals.

Fabrication Unit

Equipped with cutting-edge machinery, our fabrication unit adheres to international standards, guaranteeing precision and excellence. Our dedicated team of experts ensures the production of top-quality products for the medical industry, catering to the needs of hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical applications.

Cleanroom Facility

Our products are manufactured in a meticulously maintained cleanroom facility to ensure utmost cleanliness and contamination control. Complying with international standards, our cleanroom facility provides an ideal environment for the production of all our products.

ETO Sterilization Facility

Our state-of-the-art inhouse ETO sterilization facility ensures that all our products meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. With advanced technology and rigorous quality control, we provide medical professionals with reliable and sterilized Products.

Gamma Radiation Facility

SteriAttire ensures exceptional sterilization by outsourcing gamma radiation processes to trusted facilities, maintaining the highest standards of safety and delivering reliable products with unwavering commitment.

Management Quality Policy

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful executions. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.



Strive to be a leader in the manufacturing of breathable & non-breathable products for personal hygiene and medical disposables. endeavoring to excel in research, product design & development.



To be a trusted partner for the health care & personal hygiene industry by providing medically safe product combinations with enterprising spirits, strategic vision, and appropriate engineering abilities.



Combining managerial skills with innovation, sincerity, commitment, and consistency ensures that all members of the manufacturing, QC, selling, and consumer ecosystem are satisfied and delighted.

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